Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Anything is Possible - With a Little Magic

Once Upon A Dragon

Jeremy Owens and his older siblings want to believe in magic, but hope and belief are difficult things to hold onto even when you're a child. 
After the loss of their parents, three young children find themselves fostered off on an Aunt who's never known the love of a child. This Christmas, will the Owens children find out what it means to believe again?

Anything is possible with a little magic...

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Once Upon A Dragon
K. A. M'Lady

Anything is possible with a little magic.


"Are you okay, Aunt Lenni?" Jeremy's sweet little voice floated up at her like the breath of innocence that she'd recently come to enjoy and she briefly wondered how anyone could not want to hear its little bit of heaven on a daily basis.

"I'm fine, Jeremy. Just a bit of the pre-holiday blues," she told him.

"You want to hold my dragon's egg?" he asked her. "It's magic, you know."

"No, Jeremy. It's okay."

"Really," he told her, his voice filled with excitement. "It will make you feel better." Then he thrust the round, sparkling rock into Lennai's lap. "It makes me feel better. That's cuz all of the magic that's built up inside of it."

Lennai couldn't help but smile. So, she took the rock and held it in the palm of her hands. But as the rock began to warm a bit of wonder seemed to grow with it. The feeling of warmth spread as it tingled through her fingers. Then the warmth spread up her arms, all the way to her heart. Lennai blinked in wonder at the now glowing rock she was holding.

"See," Jeremy whispered. "It's magic." Then he took his dragon's egg and wandered off.

Lennai sat in the chair at the kitchen table where she'd begun her pondering. Her mouth hung open and her eyes, she was certain, were wide with shock. The warm, fuzzy feeling she'd had when she was holding the egg still crept through her heart; she was warm all over.

"Well, I'll be," she whispered.

"You'll be what?" asked Sam, who'd traipsed into the kitchen wearing one of Lennai's old sweaters.

Lennai blinked, looked down at her sparkling fingers and blinked again. Her hands shone with a glimmer of dust, sparkling in the morning light.

"I'll be," she stammered again.

"You'll be what?" Sam asked, looking at her Aunt with a frown.

Lennai glanced up from her shiny fingers at her young niece and babbled, "I'll be right back." Then she tore out the kitchen door, down the stairs and across the snow-dusted lawn. She had one direction set in mind--Pen's. Good thing he lived right next door.

"Pen," she yelled, pounding on his front door. "Pen, answer this door right now. I know you're home. Your truck's in the drive. Pen, you answer this door."

"Good grief, woman. What's got you all fired up this morning that you're storming my castle door?" Pen asked when he yanked the door open a minute later, wiping his hands with a work rag.

"You," she insinuated, her voice filled with fire as she shoved her way past him, stopping only when she ended in his kitchen. "You and that dang egg. Do you know that if you hold one it gets warm all over? That it glows?"

Pen looked at her like she was the one with a few rocks loose.

"Look," she said thrusting her dust-covered hands at him. "Jeremy gave me his egg to hold this morning because I was feeling a bit down and when I held it, it got all warm and glowed and now I'm all covered in its dust."

Pen took her hands in his and ran his fingers over their dusty surface. "Maybe it is magic," he whispered, sarcasm dripping with every word.
Once Upon A Dragon - K. A. M'Lady - Previously Published in Just Another Paranormal Christmas - Mojocastle Press

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