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Messenger is coming - do you have Faith Savage?

Messenger - Book 8 - A Faith Savage a demon Huntress Novel
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The Message is a Matter of Interpretation
Belief is in the hands of Faith

There are those who say that mankind’s demise has long been written. That the wind knew our story long before the fire kindled the passing of time’s stark flame. Some even say thatin Heaven’s dark days, God and the devil had a multitude of conversations. In God’s omnipotence, they struck a deal – prearranged the blame.

Others will attest that free-will brought about mankind’s damnation. Impurity begot the rule of darkness. Greed and pride wrought the bloodshed. Wars and famine fueled mankind’s annihilation. Sloth and gluttony procured the plagues.

They assert, mankind had transcended, manifested into sin-filled sheep – that they’d become demon vessels – blackened souls corrupt and stained. But, every culture bears a history. Generations spread the story: Only the chosen will find redemption. For the unrepentant – the message plain.

My name is Faith Savage. I am a child of God and a hunter of demons. I am a sinner and a warrior doing God’s bidding. With each night’s passing, I stand against the darkness and the devil’s minions, searching for my own message, my own light within this plague; praying that even I don’t lose my way.

Do you have Faith Savage?

Let Your Light Shine....

And The Light Shall Shine in the Darkness

GLOW - Book 1 ~ A Faith Savage Demon Huntress Novel
K.A. M'Lady
5 Quills: The Iron Maiden
Length: Short
Price: $1.50
ISBN: 1-60180-FSDH-1
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Longer than time eternal angelic wars have been fought throughout the Heavens -- God's mighty warriors vying for supremacy over Lucifer and his brethren's fall from grace. Today that war continues, spreading among God's chosen.

My name is Faith Savage, I hunt Demons. I have been to the edge of reason. Spoken with evil and walked the corridors of Hell's dark paths. To survive the darkness, I made a deal with an angel. But my decision may cost me the one thing most precious to me... My soul.

K.A. M’Lady wows her readers with eloquent writing as Faith Savage’s tale unfolds. M’Lady’s analogies are brilliant. I found myself scrambling for pen and paper so I could write down several lines and put them away for safekeeping.

A mesmerizing novella and a must-read for all paranormal fans.

Destiny Blaine - International Bestselling Author
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 K.A. M'Lady