Monday, August 8, 2011

Turn Up the Heat...

Or Not -

Help! “I’m meeeelllltiiiing…..” so vented the witch from the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy doused her with a bucket of water.

artist kiki smith as the wicked witch of the west

Right about now most of us are wishing for a big ol’dousage. The plains and the south are melting – if you haven’t’ heard – like you live in a cave or under a rock. (Probably much cooler there anyway.)

So, what do most of us book junkies do when it’s this dang hot? We read. And we authors – well, we write. I must say however, for myself, the work on the WIPs has been pretty slim as of late. I think the heat has melted a few of the brain cells as I’ve just been too dang hot and tired to do anything but veg in the air, clutch my reader and lose myself in a few good books.

At the top of my summer list: