Friday, June 8, 2012

Into The Grey

Fifty Shades in Review

Like most of the population – well at least 10mm or so – I have finally succumbed to the pressure and took this series off my To Be Read pile and finally actually read it. It wasn’t so much the peer pressure but an article I read by another author’s blog, Gracie McKeever’s - G-Spot that made me realize that my annoyance with the hype was steering my prejudice to not read this series.

I want to thank Gracie for the great article and for moving me and these books along in my pile otherwise I would have left them to gather dust amongst so many others in my list.

There are more conversations and opinions about this series than there are pages actually written in it. And because I can, I’m going to add my two cents worth. First I must say that these were an extraordinarily well written set of books. Each conversation precisely thought out, each scene, emotion and depth of character minutely planned and manipulated. I’m not normally a big fan of contemporary reads but it was highly character driven and ultimately very impressive.

Ms. James did a superb job exploring the depth of each of Christian’s fifty shades. If you are familiar at all with the psychosis of a survivor of abuse you will have an understanding and an easy association with this character. If not, you will be fascinated, appalled, transfixed, unnerved, moved, intimidated, aroused, seduced and beguiled.

And, of course, with this type of creature, it takes an extraordinary woman to conquer and redeem, and love a man such as this.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read E.L. James – Fifty Shades Trilogy I highly recommend it. But I must say as well, if all that you are taking away from this fascinating read is the sex, then you’re not paying attention.

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