Friday, July 20, 2012

What’s in and out in a word?

What’s in and out in a word?

I’ve been sent multiple email requests lately for the next books in my Realm series, my Faith Savage series and just a ‘damn new book – would you? I need something new from you to read.’ And though I am highly grateful and grossly flattered that I have readers in such demand for something new from me – those that are following me know that I have spent the entire beginning of this year working and working some more. I’ve been working on a system upgrade at the office (I work in the financial field and have many sundry hats that I wear and departments that I’m responsible for.) And then of course, I’ve most recently moved to a new house. Don’t even get me started on the chaos of that. Who knew you could acquire so much shit over twenty-one years of marriage and three kids.

I’ve no idea how we managed to cram all of our stuff in such a small house but we finally have the room for it now in our new home – I just have to finish unpacking my life from the boxes I’ve crammed it into. To top it off it had to be 115 degrees the week I decided to start our move. So I, along with my mom and my sister spent three days cleaning the new place and painting five rooms. Now my world is filled with brilliant shades of Hidden Meadows, Merlots, Burled Redwood and Brick Dust (more of a rich cinnamon --- The Office.) I’m a color junkie and now my home reflects it and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

After moving about twenty-plus boxes of books into my office I have never been more grateful of my e-reader in my life. Will I part with my treasure trove of books? Hell no! Every single one of them is a memorable piece of history to me. Not to mention the books I have for research, the ten different dictionaries, thesauruses, mythology books, books on witchcraft, folklore, Irish and Scottish history and so on.

So, as I try to make my way through office chaos at the office and box chaos at home, and since I’m horribly anal retentive about organization and everything being in its place so that my brain is focused on the singular task of setting my creatures free to roam (and believe me – their tired of being pent up and yammering like the wild beasts they are) I’ve nothing but the total intent of emptying all of the boxes, putting everything where it goes and releasing the bolt to the cage so that all of my wild things can roam and roar at will.

Hang in there with me – edits are coming on back-listed books (A Walk in the Black Forest, Rational Animals and the first book in my new Sci-fi Vampire series – the Vranthian Vampires – Book 1 ~ Bound to You.)

Always my best ~ K.