Monday, January 25, 2016

The Inspiration of Things to Come

As a writer, we are often told to write.  Write what we like, what we know.  Write about the things that matter.  Things that make us feel something.  The inspirations and implications are endless.  The world begins to move in a different sort of perspective.  Everything is in infinite detail -- as far as we wish the details to be.  And they arrive from the most peculiar of places:  Aunt Desi's old green Honda, the skateboarder on the wrong side of fifth street jumping curbs.  Even yesterday's mail holds an odd surprise or two of inspiration.

Oh, and when we find it...the worlds we make.  Magical places.  Sometimes, even dark and supernatural places.  Where might a phrase, a verse, or a poem take you?

Supernatural Forces – Lawrence Raab

“The absence of God,” wrote George Bataille,
“is greater, and more divine, than God.”
Which is an idea God might  have come up with
If he’d been French and worried
about how to make it through
the twentieth century.  Do you want this?
If I take it away, will you want it more?

Or will you forget?  That’s the problem
with absence, it leaves itself open
to so much.  Supernatural forces,
for example.  Glowing lights,
out of which the aliens appear
like anorexic children..  Let us help you,
they say, although of course they never speak.

Once they just wanted to take over the planet.
Now they feel sorry for us,
they way God must have felt when he chose
to return into his silence.
No more threats.  No more angels, either.
Only these lost children, come back
to startle us, and vanish.