Sunday, October 12, 2014

Updates, Events, the Dead & Give-aways!

So, it's been rough year and time has not been on my side.  My writing time has not been my own but I finally feel like I'm making some headway.  Which means a lot for this dual career working mother and author.  News on the writing front... Dreamwalker is in the 'get a cover stage.  So very excited.  If you are a fan of Vikings, mythology, witchcraft, treachery, plots and sub-plots, oh, and Vikings, and some Viking hotness -- Dreamwalker just might be your read!

In a time when legends ruled ~

Deep in the heart of the Kelljek Mountains the Wolf People of Elnorn follow the ways of Odin – living and dying by the sword. 

An untried warrior king must find truth in the darkness ~ 
Gararic – warrior and ruler wages war against the dark arts of the Black Witch, Dianaria and finds he must battle for more than just his people’s freedom. Will he find the truth he seeks on the sweet taste of her lips or will treachery destroy him and his people?

To be set free, one only needs to dream ~ 

A Dreamwalker by birth, Dianaria knows her fate and her future lies with the warrior king. Can love conquer the shadows of betrayal and hate?