Sunday, December 28, 2014

Perhaps a Resolution...

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Dear Readers ~

This has certainly been a whirlwind of a year.  I'm sure most can relate.  Personal trials, small victories and enduring faith has been the theme, it seems, for most of us during this odd and life-affecting 2014.  I, like you, am happy to see it go.  It has definitely taught us, measured us, and proven the weight of many things.  So what does the New Year bring us?  

I'd like to think that it brings us hope.  Each new day gives us the opportunity to be better.  To try again to find our way.  It gives of the privilege to learn, to shape things and to share in the possibilities and challenges that each new tomorrow offers.  What will you do with yours?

Sure, I've made my lists - I'm a fanatic.  The calculator.  I weigh the pros, the cons, check all angles.  And then I usually pray.  If crap happens, which it often does, sometimes you just have to breathe through it.  Venting is good, along with some coffee.  But really, life is going to happen.  I'm hoping that as we roll in to 2015 that I can see a few more dreams come true.  Spend a bit more time with my family, and generally, just try to be better.  Whatever that means.

And that, is my wish for you.

May 2015 be kind to each of you!

Always my best ~ K.