Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Need Something to Believe in? Got Faith

Redemption Has Its Price - Are You Willing To Pay?

Sinner ~ Book 7 - A Faith Savage Demon Huntress Novel

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(All Proceeds from the sale of this book to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters)

It was written that each soul would have a Guardian. A Warrior of Light to watch over it. Protect it. Be its shield against the darkness, its sword against the fallen. But the days grew dark. Man’s souls darker still. Many turned away from the Light of God, cast aside His word and His love. And the Guardians rebelled.

Some say that this was his second transgression. What led to his ultimate betrayal. Others say that he too was but pawn in God’s glorious manipulation. A means to an end of man’s dark days. One thing is certain, only God knows the truth of his story. Only He knows a soul’s true worth and its fate.

My name is Faith Savage. In this game of good and evil I’ve met the Guardian that God sent me. His story I am just beginning to learn. His history, I am told, has marked him as damned. But, everyone knows Christ died for the sinners. The only question that remains is, could we forgive him if we controlled his fate?


I blinked, and the world was filled the kind of mist you see at sunrise on those rare pre-fall days when the temperature hovers around fifty-five and the clouds have forgotten how to rise from the earth. Instead, they lay nestled in the dew hiding from the darkness, afraid the light will never come.

I heard a child's laughter from within this hazy darkness. Laughter that creeps along your flesh, burrows beneath the skin at your nails and scampers up the insides, on top of your bones like centipedes scurrying from the light.

"Grab her," someone said. The voice sounded familiar, stirred an ache in my heart. "She's headed for the corner. Grab her."

"I've got her, Father. I've got her," another man stated. There was a loud thud and a groan of pain followed, then the sound of bones snapping and a gurgled, pain-filled scream. Then the obvious slide of a body to the ground below and the maniacal ring of twinkling laughter.

"You should have died for him, Father," the child voice stated with graded vibrato.