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Updating the darkness... Enter my Realm

In Glen Hills, sometimes even the monsters are afraid of the darkness...

Long before the Goblin wars forced the children of the Other World to walk among mankind it was prophesized that the Chosen would come. With a touch she would heal. With impunity she would punish. With surety she would lead the Other World into the Light of a new beginning. Too bad no one told the Darkness.

My name is Rihker Tennai – I am Pixie and I am human. I am half-breed and I am a Changeling. I am a lover, a warrior and thanks to the Prophets, I am becoming so much more.

A war is brewing in the Other World. Battles old and new threaten to spill over into the human world. To the Deneau – the Children of the Forest – I am Justice. For all who walk in the Light I may be their only hope. Yeah, welcome to a day in the life of my Realm. Are you ready for it?

Realm I: To Tell of Darkness
Price: $ 4.99
Author: K.A. M'Lady
Length: Epic, 227 pages
Genre: Horror Paranormal Werewolves
Rating: 4 - Scorching
Editor: Rob Melotti
Artist: Vanessa Hawthorne
ISBN: 978-1-60180-012-1

About the story...

Some creatures are born into an existence where the lines of life and death, right and wrong are experienced only in shades of black and white. Existences where life is as easy as a mother's love or a father's warm embrace. They live in relative safety behind their familiar walls with the warmth and comfort of hearth and home on some clean streen in a rural community. Where love is always present. And the violence of crime and man's depravity can't touch them. A place where evil and all the dark creatures that go bump in the night are just fairy tales told on stormy evenings to frighten young children in their dreams.

But have you ever wondered what happens when the lines bleed and the creatures bump back? Ever wondered who is there in the dead of night when the monster in the closet is real and he's come with a hunger? Worried that he knows your name?

My name is Rihker Tennai. In the Other World they call me Justice - and this is my Realm.


I turned my head slightly to the left, afraid to take my eyes off the Vamp on top of me, but afraid not to know who the newest arrival to this little tête-à-tête` was.

Dark honey warmed skin met my view. Thick muscled legs with the appropriate amounts of manly hair; long in stature, and chiseled in proportion. They were nice legs. What the hell were they doing here?

“My Laird, you called for me?” the voice accompanying those legs was rich like the earth. Soft like the wind through the glen at the Hill of the Clans.

Kieran stretched out the hand he had been fondling me with and the man sat on the bed, his back to me. The bed bowed bringing Kieran’s body in closer to mine for a snugger fit. And I swear my whole body zinged with delight.

Lying back in Kieran’s outstretched arm the new arrival turned his head to face me. I was effectively pinned beneath the weight of Kieran who was sitting on me, the shaft of his desire riding against me, and a half naked, quite good looking blonde haired man lying back against my chest.

I laid there, chest hammering, mouth dry, arms still held above me by Kieran’s left hand and watched as Kieran leaned over his apparent breakfast. He leaned in and looked at me with those amazing purple hued eyes; hunger reflecting back at me. His guest tipped his head back and Kieran sank his teeth into his neck.

The rush of Kieran’s hunger poured through him and into me. He ground himself against me as he pressed his palm to the man’s chest. The full weight of the man’s body was now lying heavily against me. I watched as Kieran ran his fingers up the man’s bare chest and along his nipple. Our guest could only groan in ecstasy.

All the while Kieran watched me watching him. The rush of hunger and lust riding each of us.

I could feel every ounce of blood coursing through me. Never had I been so aware of my own flesh and the blood coursing through my veins.

Kieran rubbed himself against me and I shivered. I closed my eyes in the ecstasy of the moment, knowing that as I did so I began to glow. Kieran did it again, and again, all the while slowly consuming the life blood of his willing victim.

He was slowly riding me through our clothes, his hand traveling, toying with his victim, bringing him to bliss with every pull of his lips on his neck. I opened my eyes and the room was filled with light. My light.

My body was on hyper-mode. I was at the edge of climax and Kieran hadn’t even entered me. And at that thought Kieran pressed himself against my core and my body exploded into a million fragments.

Enter the darkness that is Realm - the series - Available Now

K.A. M'Lady
Fantasy Romance Kissed With Dark Sensuality

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