Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fly Me Courageous

Ten years ago, on a cool September morning, in the mid-west it was just like any another morning rush for a multitude of working mothers across the country; an eight year-old trying to find his shoes, a book bag and lunch box crushed together in mom’s hands along with her briefcase, purse and keys as we made the mad dash to the front door on our morning exodus. But on this particular morning there came a sedentary pause, like the world shuddered, hearts stuttered and a shallow breath paused in contemplation while the world turned upside down.

I stopped to turn off the morning news and caught a glimpse of smoke billowing from a building; garbled words of the news reporter a distant echo in my mind’s already chaotic stream of things to do and things that would be left undone. I dropped my son at school – a kiss and hug sending him amidst his own school-yard madness – then, I went about my day. Little did I know that the smoke shadowed a greater darkness that would forever change not only the landscape of part of our country, but the hearts and souls of a people, a nation and the world as we once knew it.

Much has changed in many lives since the days, weeks, months and years since September 11th. Heartache has bred hope and hatred. Grief and loss has promoted both beauty and destruction. And amidst the enduring suffering and pain has come the promise of possibilities. For as a nation we have walked this road together. We have suffered, we have mended and as the future spreads before us we will grow together – as one nation.

On September 12th I wrote a poem reflecting the emotion of the day – how it affected me and those around me. I sent it to a local radio station as a donation to a poetry book they were putting together for the families – to help with anything they might need. It was read on air the next morning.

Since that time I’ve been blessed enough to have four novels, thirteen novellas, four anthologies, two poetry chap-books and a multitude of poems published. My second poetry book is currently an All Romance e-Books Poetry Best Seller.

But the thing I’m most proud of is that with one of my latest release I’ve given back – brought my gift full circle. Not only is my latest anthology also an All Romance e-Books Anthology Best Seller but all of the proceeds are benefiting the Armed Forces Children’s Education Fund.

I’ve also endeavored to join the ranks of Operation e-Book Drop. This grass-roots organization has, since September, 2009 acquired, currently, 940+ authors worldwide that are providing FREE ebooks to all service members around the world. Since its founding we have dropped some (4) four million + Free ebooks to service members around the world.

Words can move a mountain, capture a heart, inspire dreams, or change a nation. What started as a gift is being returned as a gift. September 11th has left its mark on all of us, but the question remains: How are you leaving your mark on the world? What are you doing to make it better? Will you be the small voice that sings in the darkness?

~ Freedom's Song ~

Amidst the ash and rubble

A nation

It stands aghast


By all we have witnessed

Our hearts shudder

From the evil you have cast

Rushing home

To hold my children

Unshed tears

Within my eyes

I thank God

For my own blessings

Other families

Forced to say good-byes

You had hoped

For more destruction

You had planned

To cause more pain

You failed

To see

A nation of great people

Your evil

Will not reign

We have fought

Against great tyranny

For freedom

In the past

You'll not destroy

Our livelihoods

For courage

Remains steadfast

In your bitter


Of a people

You do not know

You have judged

And condemned a nation

Your lack of knowledge

You have shown

For we are a nation

Of many races

With great heritage

And beliefs

And we'll stand strong

As one great country


We'll bear our neighbor's grief

You cannot take

Away our courage

Nor our faith

From our hearts

We'll stand tall and proud


Our Vengeance

It shall be harsh

In the end

We’ll not be conquered

Our faith in freedom

Remains quite strong

In strife

We'll band together

Our voices sing

Freedom's Song

~ In remembrance, left to watch the aftermath of 9-11-01 ~

K.A. M'Lady


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  1. It was my birthday and I was home, thinking about what the husband and I would be doing when he got home from work that afternoon. I was having breakfast and watching CBS Early Show before starting on my latest manuscript when it came out about a plane going into the Twin Towers.
    Shocked, I stared as they talked about it and showed the live video. I called the husbsnd and he said they too, were watching it on the TV in their shop.
    In woked up expecting a happy birthday and instead, was crying over people lost and more.