Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lest Ye Be Judged

Lest ye be judged . . .

Who are you to judge me?
It is you who can not see
I am a creature of deep emotions
I have many admirable qualities

Yet you stand outside my circle
It is you who casts the stones
You suffer your own inner demons
It is you who stands alone

When you decide to let go your hatred
Maybe then you shall understand
It is with kindness, care, and sympathy
That you shall become a better man

Despite your lack of knowledge
And despite your selfishness
I shall forgive you all wrongdoings
I shall pray for your deliverance

It is when you let go of your self-loathing
And you open up your heart
That you are free to see each difference
Yet still appreciate each part

We are all simple creatures
Who seek love, truth and grace
We all long for understanding
We are all searching for our place

So before you decide to judge me
Know you have not yet walked my path
Like you I am only searching
I have no stones to cast

K.A. M’Lady
5/29/01 ©

So, got your Zombie Preparedness kit together? Enough water for 7 days per person? Enough rounds to waste the maggot-ridden upright? Wouldn’t want that ooze on our kick-ass shoes. CDC ‘s been shoveling out a link all day. Zombie Kit    Made a nice little logo too.

What about some prayers – said any of those lately? Deliverance is tomorrow you know. I’ve read that everywhere – tomorrow is it. So the good Pastor says.

Not sure the good Lord agrees. Read that somewhere. He might want to relook that up.
But …what if he’s right? Would it really hurt? Might be a good time. Who’s to say the world wouldn’t be a bit of a better place if we all acted with a bit more grace? Then again, who are we to judge?

K.A. M'Lady

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