Friday, February 11, 2011

Love bites - hopefully....

So, another year, another Valentine’s Day.  Society’s day of chocolate-flower-mushy-card hell.  The one day a year that your significant other best be out spending his hard earned loot expressing his love towards you.  For me, not a big fan.  Flowers die, chocolate gives me migraines and cards eventually end up in a drawer or the trash receptacle.  So what’s the love of our lives to do to make a lasting impression on our hearts?  For most of us it’s the little things in life that count.  Make me dinner and clean up after.  Watch one of my stupid (yes, his words, not mine) movies with me – we sooo have different tastes.) 

Or, even better yet – give me book money.  Green backs.  Nook cash.  Kindle credit.  Splurge on me and take me away to some far off realm.  Dump my ass in an oasis of woodlands filled with gargoyles, vamps, weres and smoking hot heroes (not that my man-hero at home is lacking – cuz I got me an Irish warrior!)  But some days it’s quite nice wander through words in far reaching places where I’m the heroine I’m kicking asses and taking names.  I want magical powers and a cauldron to brew them in (though some might say I already own one or two.) <snort> And at the end of our long, mystical, adventuresome day, be prepared for a whole lot of mischief – because words have a power all their own!!!

Happy Valentines my loves…

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