Thursday, December 23, 2010

Get Bent! for Christmas...

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Humor, Paranormal, Poetry
Ramshackle Castle
K. A. M'Lady
Rated: The Curtain Wall
Length: Sigil
Price: $1.99
ISBN: 1-60180-RCC

Come, walk the night road through your memory of childhood fairy tales, limericks, ghostly apparitions and the lingering breath of classic poetry gone awry. At the Castle, magick and mayhem are a lyrical delight spun with fairy dust. It may at times be dark, dusty and a bit bent but every word is a glamorours enchantment.
Tread Lightly
The road less traveled.  Whoever told me to take that damn road was an idiot!  Yellow woods indeed.  Maybe from the field full of fairies -- no doubt.  Crazy bitches with wings! 

Dead Birds & The Ghosts of Psycho Ex-Girlfriends

One would think that a mind numbing midnight drunk would still the incessant tapping; hammering its way inside my lonely chamber.  I groaned, “Be gone, I’m napping.”  Only this and the tome I chucked at said wavering chamber door.  Only this and nothing more....

What becomes of falling snow

The dwarves never understood the longing...

The ugly side of trolls

the night wrangles on amidst long intervals
of heavy pacing and endless moments
of deep introspection, for there is much to consider
beneath the dim light of plank-board
and the dark cool stench of wet, root filled earth --
for even bridge trolls get bored...

Reflections of Hamlet

I met Hamlet in my reflection and knew the solitude of his rambling, his agony reflected in my eyes.  ...

The sorrows of an ugly step-sister

you, Cinderella with your flaxen waves
and sparkling eyes, know not what it is
to be cast in the shadows -- the second born,
a grey goose of waddling travels mucking about
in a truly murky lake, suffering
an unsavory flair as a true second class citizen...

K.A. M’Lady   Copyright 2010
All Rights Reserved

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