Sunday, November 28, 2010

25 Days of Book Give-Aways!

Horror-filled Holiday Headline
25 Days of Book Give-aways
Join Me December 1st through December 25th
As I Give Away A Book A Day
To Enter Visit My Website
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Winners Chosen Daily
& At Random
Starting 12-1-10 through 12-25-10
Prizes Choices Include:
(e-book format only - in a pdf copy)
one winner/one book per day...
Realm - Book I ~ To Tell of Darkness
In Glen Hills sometimes, even the monsters are afraid of the darkness

Realm - Book II ~ Shadow Slave
Suffering is Darkness' Pleasure and Pain it's Shadow Slave

Realm - Book III ~ Illuminated Death
Some Darkness Glows Eternally

Faith's Temptation - Bonus Story - A Faith Savage Demon Huntress Novel
In the beginning there were those with faith and there was Faith's Temptation

Glow - Book 1 - A Faith Savage Demon Huntress Novel
And the Light Shall Shine in the Darkness

Fear No Evil - Book 2 - A Faith Savage Demon Huntress Novel
Though I May Walk Through the Valley of Death - I Shall Fear No Evil

Transgressions - Book 3 - A Faith Savage Demon Huntress Novel
In the war between good and evil - who's side will you be on?

When Angel's Fall - Book 4 - A Faith Savage Demon Huntress Novel
The Light Will Show the Way for the Damned to Meet their End

Just Another ParaNormal Halloween - Anthology ~
Love, Lies & Zombie Cries by K.A. M'Lady

"When it comes to the heart something always bleeds." 

Song of the Wolf ~

There is a darkness to be found in the forest.  And a beast that dwells within.  If you listen closely you can hear it - Follow the wolf-song….

Get Lucky ~

What's a lovely Irish girl to do when one of Shiretown's biggest mob bosses owes his life to you and everyone else just wants to Get Lucky?

Violet Visions - Anthology ~

Everscape - Dark Night of the Soul by K.A. M'Lady
Secrets lie in ancient bloodlines
Darkness awaits in the Lands of the Dead
Some journeys are better not taken alone

Sanguinary Seductions - Anthology ~
Through the Red Door Starkly by K.A. M'Lady
There is a thin line between reality and the world of Other. Magic and Mysticism are the doorway to belief—Through the Red Door Starkly

(Back-listed Books - currently unavailable - but included in this contest only)

A Walk in the Black Forest ~
Women! Damon DeGracey did not need the trouble of another one. Not in his keep, not in his life, and certainly not in his heart. Yet her beauty and fire draw him as no other. But where has she come from? Is she a witch or a woodland sprite? A rebel or a warrior? Has she come to kill him or steal his soul with her beauty? Can he trust her enough to hold his heart when treachery is all around? The fire of deceit and desire burn brightly, the question is -- will they survive the flames?

Dreamwalker ~
An untried warrior King. A Witch with the power over the land of dreams. Two lives entwined by betrayal and hate. What lies ahead is in the hands of Fate. Cast the Stones…Seek your Fate…Follow your Dreams

Rational Animals ~

Kin to the wolf & brother to man,
Inside ~ every man holds a darkness

K.A. M'Lady 
Faith Savage ~ Demon Huntress - Available Now
Enter the darkness that is Realm - the series - Available Now
I put a piece of paper under my pillow, and when I could not sleep I wrote in the dark.
Henry David Thoreau

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